Sandra is a Grandmother, Mother, Nurse, CranioSacral and Avatar Programme Practitioner. 


Like a lot of Health Practitioners, Sandra became involved in Alternative or Complementary therapies due to personal health challenges in her own life and the lives of her two daughters, which had been unable to be resolved through traditional health practices.

Sandra’s nursing training was brought to an end when painful legs and feet meant she could no longer walk comfortably around the wards.


Fortunately, Sandra was offered part time work for the Christchurch Nursing Bureau working privately in homes and hospitals, dealing with one-on-one special care cases, which she was able to manage.

Sandra worked on and off for the Bureau for many years during which time she married and had two daughters.

The problems that had ended her nursing days continued despite 30+ years of looking for a solution, Sandra was gradually getting worse. Not only were her legs, feet, back and neck causing pain, but she also lived with headaches, migraines, digestive problems and fatigue.

To meet these health challenges, Sandra successfully developed skills in the following Alternative or Complementary therapies:

  • Avatar Energy; Sandra works with a comprehensive database that helps identify imbalances in your body.
  • Craniosacral Therapy; this therapy is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the function of the body by helping the body’s natural healing mechanisms dissipate negative effects within the nervous system.
  • Allergy and Chemical Testing; Allergy and Chemical Testing takes into account that things like the climate, diet, stress, medical drugs and micro-organisms all have a direct effect on your environmental intestinal flora.

These therapies made a positive difference to Sandra's life, and those of her two daughters. She's keen to work with her clients to understand the underlying causes of their pain and suffering, and work with them to help meet their health goals.

Her non-invasive and gentle therapies can help to restore your mind and body to their optimal state of health.

Contact Sandra for more information or book an appointment at her New Brighton clinic.
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  • 027 342 4892
  • If there's no answer, please send a txt via the mobile number, rather than use voicemail, as messages can be missed.
  • 1/6 Lonsdale Street,
    New Brighton,
    Christchurch 8083,
    New Zealand.Our location

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